True healing is a partnership to do “with,” not a “do to” process. The most important resource for making a change are within the individual making the change, not within the facilitator or the techniques which are keys to unlocking and activating your own inner power.

Just as it takes more than a hammer to build a house, so the mind, especially the subconscious (where most real and lasting change occurs) needs multiple tools. That’s why there’s more than one change process. It gives the subconscious a variety of tools to choose from in order to make changes safely, quickly and easily.

Creative Journaling Expressive Arts (CJEA)

The Creative Journal method was originated in the late 1970’s by Lucia Cappacione, Ph.D., A.T.R., the pioneer of expressive arts therapy and inner child work. CJEA is the application of right brain research to therapy, personal growth, and healing that involves the healing power of drawing and writing with the non-dominant hand.

Visioning® Coaching

This is a whole brain method of coaching individuals to realize their dreams in all areas of life. It is a ground-breaking method for personal and corporate empowerment originated by Lucia Cappacione, Ph.D., A.T.R. This playful approach to making dreams come true in all areas of life helps relationships, work, leisure and more.

It applies imagination to the real world using highly engaging media such as photo collage as well as drawing and writing with the non-dominant hand. Participants learn to think with both sides of the brain. Through visual thinking, participants create wish maps, followed by right brain journal writing for working through the blocks to success. Group sharing provides practice in verbally articulating the dream and rallying support from others.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This is a simple to use but highly effective body “tapping” technique that is revolutionizing conventional therapeutic thought and astonishing many who use it. The premise behind EFT comes from the research of Dr. Roger Callahan: The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the energy system. EFT is a systematic process that straightens out the body's energy system. Imagine experiencing quick effective freedom from negative emotion, anxiety, limiting beliefs, inability to express love, years of doubt, grief, intense fears, phobias, addictive cravings and depression. EFT works effectively on all of these and any other of life’s challenges.

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

A meridian based energy psychology developed by Acupuncturist Tapas Flemming in her quest to help heal allergies. TAT can be helpful in resolving trauma, depression, addiction, allergies, limiting beliefs, and self sabotaging behaviors and numerous other issues. The TAT pose involves lightly holding points on the head - the third eye, two points on either side of the bridge of the nose and the back of the head. This pose puts attention on the vision, or perception, and can shift the way one sees the “problem.” In the pose, one focuses on a problem or situation for which one is seeking healing.

Series of healing steps: Included in the steps are attention to the origin, forgiveness, and a choices step for the outcome, among others. There is a spiritual dimension to TAT which is regularly felt. The third eye is associated with insight and spiritual openings. Many focus on this point in their meditation. Also, the attention to something as a problem, then not a problem, collapses the duality with which we often view life. This can open one to a deeper sense of oneness and connectedness of all.


Hypnosis a totally natural state of mind. When under hypnosis you feel very relaxed, just like that wonderful feeling when you are tired, lying in your bed, and you are so overcome with comfort that you wish the moment could last forever. Through simple hypnotic relaxation techniques, you can easily obtain this state at which time it becomes easy (with the help of a trained Hypnotherapist) to visualize yourself becoming healthier happier, more confident, a non-smoker...Whatever it is that you want to be!

Hypnosis formulates positive messages and suggestions (through visuals and emotions) for input to the subconscious mind. Viewing a trauma with a mature state of mind, as opposed to the egocentric view of the child, the Client is able to uncover the truth. Rather then blaming the self for what occurred, the client is able to rationalize the circumstances.

For example, mom was yelling at me and calling me names because mom needed additional coping and parenting skills, NOT because I am unlovable, bad or not enough.

A person cannot be hypnotized unless s/he agrees and cooperates. This cannot be stressed enough. Also, while hypnotized no one can make you do anything you do not want to do. Even those people clucking around on TV like chickens, do it because they want to. They have chosen to participate. It must be emphasized here that what Hypnotherapists do is by definition therapeutic. Stage hypnosis is very different. It is a form of entertainment.

Many people claim that they have never been hypnotized but they do admit to having drifted off while thinking about a loved one, forgetting periods of time during a car journey (commonly known as highway hypnosis), or going somewhere else while reading a book. These are all examples of natural trance states. One of the great things about hypnosis is that in the hands of a reputable practitioner it is harmless and produces no damaging side affects while providing positive therapeutic benefits.


Hypnotherapy is a process of instructing your subconscious mind to support the desires of what you want consciously. This is accomplished in various ways such as inputting positive suggestions or discovering the core issues that have affected our belief system negatively. Negative learned beliefs can cause symptoms of stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, sexual dysfunction, perfectionism or procrastination. Hypnotherapy is ideal for people who want to retrieve information/experiences in order to reveal destructive beliefs originating at the time of a trauma. Suppressed emotions and unhealthy defense mechanisms are also released.

Cognitive Self Questioning Technique (CSQ Technique™)

This technique was created by Kim Baccigaluppi and is especially effective in helping manage negative emotions and integrating the internal coping mechanism for self care-taking skills.

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is about honoring and embracing the many facets of your psyche - your inner selves or energy patterns such as your rational self, your emotional self, your pleaser and your selfish self, your active self and your lazy self, your career oriented self and your spiritual self, your irresponsible self and your inner child. Voice Dialogue helps you become aware of more of who you are to gain a sense of inner balance and to have more freedom of choice in how you express yourself and live your life. This method requires two people: the facilitator and the subject being facilitated.

Reference Point Therapy (RPT)

This is a new emotional healing modality from Australia that uses the principles of Quantum Physics to release and clear trauma and negative emotional vibrations from your point of origin - - which is usually before birth. These vibrations create the belief, feelings and associations that paint with negative paint brushes on the reality of our lives. RPT clears at the deepest and first occurrence/cause which is often instinctual and inherited. It dissolves associations and responses that make no rational sense, yet, keep occurring time after time. All this occurs easily and quickly. It is said you can do the equivalent of about five years of therapy in just one session.